Our Story

De First Food Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd was established.

De First Food Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd started operation as a traditional handmade fish ball and bean curd with fish paste processing factory. The company’s persistently excellent products and services were greatly received by local dealers and consumers alike.

The FIRST fully automated manufacturer
to process bean curd with fish paste products

Aligned with its continuous efforts to bring about better products and services for customers, the company fully reformed its production line and subsequently became Malaysia's first manufacturer to implement automated bean curd with fish paste production.

The CB Brand established, followed by ambitious local market expansion

The CB Brand continued to expand its business and reputation in the highly competitive market. The company initiated communication with customers to establish realistic demands, while also stemmed on over 30 years of experience with the utilization of highly sophisticated processing and freezing facilities to keep creating new fish paste products.

These products were distinguished with unique taste and aroma while being made from quality ingredients suitable for the consumption of Muslims and Non-Muslims. For years, the company has been building partnerships with hundreds of distributors to explore uncharted local market segments thoroughly.

Open up foreign markets and go global

By embracing new technology and techniques under a stringent hygiene management, our products are distributed in advanced packaging methods with a consistent delivery of quality. Currently, we have a wide distribution network all across Malaysia which also extends to international markets like Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, and Canada. Looking ahead, we are set to expand our market into unexplored foreign territories in China, US, Middle East and Europe.